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AIM Industries stocks a huge inventory of all common sizes of blind rivets for same day shipping. We also offer design information and engineering assistance. Representing the broad array of products from the manufacturers below, AIM Industries can definitely help you find manufacturing solutions for blind riveting applications.

Call AIM Industries today to find out how our blind rivets can help with your most challenging assembly and production applications!

Tel. 716-681-6196


Bollhoff logo

Bollhoff Rivnut
Manufacturer of the popular Rivnut brand blind installed threaded rivet.

Gesipa logo

A world leader in state-of-the-art blind riveting systems.

Marson logo

Marson Klik-Fast Fasteners
A full line of blind rivets and threaded inserts in a wide variety of materials.

Lobster logo 

Lobster Tools
The most comprehensive line of blind rivet and rivet nut tools available anywhere.

Dirak logo 

Dirak Locks
A manufacturer of modular systems in latching and hinge technology.